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Rijeka 1941?

PostPostano: 4.6.2017, 16:46
Postao/la Lokalpatrioti Rijeka
Email stigao na našu adresu ! Odgovor će mu biti ovdje , pa odgovorite Austrijancu. ;)

I would like to ask you if you could take a look at the enclosed photos and tell me if they show Rijeka/Fiume or not.
The pictures was taken back in 1941 and I can't find a single hint linked with Rijeka today and unfortuneately some parts of the photos are blurred.
It must be a port on the croatian coast because neither Patras nor Triest fit. I have searched Split, Sibenik and Rijeka as well as the complete coastline. The mountains in the back best fit with Rijeka, but I'm not one hundred percent certain.

Is the big white building with the three tall windows familiar to you?
It is likely that the warehouses with the cranes was destroyed during WW2.

I'm sorry to trouble you with my request. According to your detailed website you seem to be the only person who can put an end to my search.

Many greetings from Austria,
Gerhard Tinhof
Rust am See

Harbour I.JPG
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Re: Rijeka 1941?

PostPostano: 5.6.2017, 20:24
Postao/la Adamić
I m very sorry.

Big white building and cranes are not here.

Re: Rijeka 1941?

PostPostano: 6.8.2018, 23:21
Postao/la Ana
If still interested: Could be Pula, ex- Austrian war harbour. The photograph must be taken from the shipyard area ( ex-arsenal) on the island towards the coast.

Re: Rijeka 1941?

PostPostano: 10.8.2018, 10:44
Postao/la snežnik

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Re: Rijeka 1941?

PostPostano: 10.8.2018, 17:52
Postao/la Ana
Bravo! Čini se da je riješeno!